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    If the invoicing agreement we have applied for is granted to us, we undertake to comply with Mobila Electronics Oy's payment terms, 14 days from the date of the net invoice, unless otherwise agreed. In connection with invoicing, we invoice the invoicing surcharge in accordance with the price list. In the event of recovery, collection costs and default interest will also be charged according to the applicable default interest rate. The invoicing agreement enters into force when Mobila Electronis Oy has approved this application.

    We accept Mobila Electronics Oy's general delivery terms.

    We repair Apple (iPhone, iPad), Blackview, Google, Huawei, Honor, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Oneplus, Oukitel, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft and Xiaomi mobile phones as well as tablets. Whether you need a new LCDs, a new battery or a glass replacement, we repair of these in our stores often even while you wait. We also have a wide range of phone accessories.