Are you thinking how to fix a phone? Let us help.

Here below are answers to most questions about phone repair. You can also contact our nearest store and we will answer your questions.

Phone broken, what I do?

We fix e.g. Apple (iPhone, iPad), Blackview, Google, Huawei, Honor, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Oneplus, Oukitel, Samsung, Sony, Doro and Xiaomi devices. To check the price of repair in advance from our price list, first select the brand and model of your phone and you to see the repair prices for each model. You can bring the device to our store for service or deliver it to us by post. A delivery fee of 5 euros will be added to the service price delivered by post.

How long does it take to repair my phone and do I need to book an appointment?

You don’t have to book appointment for us.
Whether you need a new displays, a new battery or a glass replacement, we also fix of these in our stores often even while you wait. The service time depends on the part to be replace, the availability of the spare part and the service queue. You can bring the device to our store and get the exact repair time before starting the service, or you can contact us in advance.

How I can get the phone serviced?

You can come in our store (Helsinki, Lahti or Hämeenlinna) or you can deliver your phone to us by post.

What warranty do you provide for repairs?

We provide a 36-month work warranty for the repair and the spare parts used in it, excluding the battery. We provide a six (6) month warranty on the battery. We do not provide a work guarantee for repairing water damage or mechanically circuit board damage. If the device is serviced again (in warranty time), we will repair it free of charge or if the device cannot be repaired, for example due to the availability of spare parts, we will refund the price of the original repair. The warranty does not cover damage or wear and tear caused by the user. When we repair IP-rated devices, we cannot guarantee that the IP rating and tightness of the device will be maintained.

Do you use original spare parts for repairs?

We use original or good quality parts for repairs.

If I want to repair the phone myself, can I order spare parts and tools from you?

Yes, you can order spare parts, tools and accessories directly from our online store puhelinshop.fi

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