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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 screen replacement or battery replacement

Samsung Note 8 screen repair price 249,90€. Note 8 battery replacement 69,90€. Whether you need a new screen, a new battery or a glass replacement, we also take care of these in our stores often even while you wait.


Our affordable Samsung Note 8 phone service prices are listed below. If there is something else wrong with your phone or if there are several faults in your device, such as a broken display and back glass, please contact us for a cost estimate for repairing your device. You can deliver the device for service directly to our stores or send it to us by mail for repair. You will always receive an accurate maintenance report in connection with the service, eg for an insurance company or employer.


If the touch panel or screen of the Samsung Note 8 is cracked, shattered, or missing a piece, the touch screen or LCD is likely to no longer function normally. This can lead to a situation where you cannot use your device or access information inside it. No worries, even this problem will be fixed cheaply and quickly, by replacing the broken part into a new one. Galaxy Note 8 replacing the screen or replacing Note 8 touch panel does not clear phones memory.


If your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 turns off in the cold or needs to be recharged frequently, the device’s battery is broken or has reached the end of its life for some other reason. Replace a new battery to your phone at our service center, send the phone to us to replace the battery or order a new battery from our online store and replace the battery yourself (requires special tools to open the device and remove the battery). Replacing the battery does not clear phones memory.


Expert service without an appointment.

Estimated service times for repairing the Galaxy Note 8: (depending on the availability of the spare part and the condition of the service queue)

Note 8 touch screen replacement, maintenance time about 1 hours

Note 8 glass replacement, service time about 1 hours

Note 8 battery replacement, maintenance time about 1 hours

Note 8 headset replacement, service time about 1 hours

Note 8 charging connector replacement, repair time about 2 hours

Note 8 camera lens replacement, repair time about 30 minutes


You can also find a silicone case, wallet case, body glass, Samsung charger, USB-C cable and other Samsung accessories suitable for Samsung Note 8 and other Samsung Galaxy phones from the widest selection of accessories in our stores in Finland. With these covers and accessories, you can avoid the next breakdown of your screen and the need to change your device screen again. You can also find some of the accessories in our store selection in our online store at

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 model numbers: SM-N950F, SM-N950W, SM-N950N, SM-N950XU, SM-N950U, SM-N950FN, SM-N950B


By having your device serviced by us, you also ensure the correct recycling of your defective display and other replaced spare parts. You can deliver old phones and mobile phone batteries for recycling to our stores. In Finland, we are one of the few service companies that take care of the fulfillment of our producer responsibility.


Puhelinhuolto has been providing telephone maintenance services for over 10 years and our telephone repairers have over 30 years of experience in servicing and repairing mobile phone equipment.


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Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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